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C and C++ do not check for these errors, but Java does. ➤ Java avoids the syntactical headaches that result from multiple inheritance, which is an object oriented feature (of controversial value) in C++. Java uses interface files to provide most of the benefits of multiple inheritance (and polymorphism) while avoiding their problems. LESSON 2: The Java Environment 29 Though it was originally intended as a language for programming embedded systems, Java has become very popular because of its natural applicability to programming network software for the World Wide Web (WWW).

An identifier must contain only LESSON 3 Declaring Variables 54 JAVA PROGRAMMING: PART 1 alphanumeric characters and must begin with either an alphabetic character, a $, or an underscore. e. classes. ➤ 2by4 ➤ post code The compiler distinguishes between uppercase and lowercase characters. For example, abc, Abc, aBC and aBc are all different identifiers. By convention, variables begin with lowercase. Case can be a useful tool for making programs more readable as in: areaOfCircle. The only other restriction is that keywords defined by the language cannot be used as identifiers—for instance, one may not call a variable an int.

To interpret these expressions correctly, the programmer must recognize that the ++ operator has precedence over assignment. This may seem obvious to non-C programmers, but it should be remembered that in C based languages, the assignment symbol = is just one of many operators and that it is subject to the same rules of interpretation. Optimizing compilers often reorder the execution of code. There is no guarantee that the increment of x or y will take place before or after the assignment. The only requirement is that the values be determined in this logical order.

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