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By Walter L. Perry, Stuart E. Johnson, Keith Crane, David C. Gompert, John Gordon

In learning the withdrawal from Iraq, RAND assessed logistical constraints, traits in rebel job, the readiness of Iraqi safeguard forces, and implications for the scale of the residual U.S. strength and for defense in Iraq and the zone. This file offers replacement schedules: one in line with the Obama administration1s intentions, one a little bit slower, and one other quicker. It additionally identifies steps to relieve constraints and dangers.

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Combat units and also provide key enabling capabilities for the ISF. S. Air Force elements, special operations, and civil affairs. 11 In response to queries, the DoD issued the following definition of AABs: “Advisory and Assistance Brigades are Army Brigades specifically task-organized to conduct stability missions, including training and assistance, capacity building, and support to interagency development efforts. AAB’s, like all deployed units, will retain the capability for self-defense. ” Communication with staff from the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, April 28, 2009.

Forces from Iraq; we then focus on the issues that must be considered in implementing the MNF-I’s plan (or any drawdown plan). S. drawdown. In subsequent chapters, we discuss logistics considerations of the drawdown and its effect on the nations in the region and on Iraq’s internal stability and security. 1 In addition to the authors listed on the cover of this report, the following individuals contributed to the writing of this chapter: Rebecca Bouchebel, Jessica Hart, Timothy Jackson, David M.

Chapter Six describes various risks that could affect the drawdown process and what can be done to mitigate them. Chapter Seven presents the major findings and recommendations of the research. The report has three appendixes. Appendix A provides the legislative language that authorized this study. Appendix B describes the formulas we used in calculating the capacities of the system. Appendix C describes some of the economic and advisory issues that may affect Iraq’s ability to function as a government, the risks these issues pose, and some approaches to mitigating these risks.

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