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I get impatient. He wasn’t impatient. Maybe he’d been sent to teach me all sorts of important things. ’ James was studying my vase. ‘I like it. It’s a nice shape. And it’s the first thing you’ve made here. ’ I stared at him gratefully. I have a tendency to dismiss my own efforts too easily. To not give myself enough credit. ‘Of course it’s important,’ he smiled, and then he walked off to talk to someone else and I knew I’d have to learn to share him. He’s just that sort of person. As I walked home I told myself sternly that I mustn’t get infatuated with James Mitchel.

Old, familiar longings are swirling round me in great gusts. Suddenly I am miles away from this office. I am no longer the person who has just circled ‘Frazier’ carefully on The Irish Times television page with a blue biro. I am the girl who put donkeys on roofs and sheep in boats in felt pictures. I want to break out. I want to get honky and funky. I want to feel like a jazz tune floating out of a New York brownstone. I – I want to go out and buy a Snickers bar. And I do. 38 Chapter 5 I CAN’T BELIEVE IT…I’ve met a Wonderful Man!

It’s in her eyes. There’s something almost innocent and 46 bewildered about them. And yet she’s obviously not a woman anyone could batter easily. Like James Mitchel, she has conviction. Laren ends her encore with what looks like a microphone blow job, and then slinks sullenly off-stage. ‘Wonderful,’ says Mira dreamily, and with a strange glint in her eyes. ’ ‘Laren. I must meet her. ’ ‘Yes,’ Mira agrees blissfully. ‘Come on. Let’s go to the bar next door. She’s probably there. ’ I sigh. There’s quite a good film on Channel 4.

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