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By Jim Boyce

For a person confronted with switching to the strong yet frequently complicated home windows 2000,
Windows 2000 quickly Fixes
offers whatever thoroughly new: not only strategies, yet a quick, effortless method to locate them. Designed for the facility person, this e-book is laid out for optimum accessibility; it defines difficulties sincerely and follows up with concise, but specific, ideas. not like some of the outsized and poorly prepared books at the market,
Windows 2000 quickly Fixes

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In that situation, Windows 2000 schedules the conversion for the next time you restart the system. Restart to complete the conversion. 16 Windows 9x can't see NTFS volumes on a dual-boot system Although Windows 2000 now supports FAT32, something Windows NT did not do, Windows 9x systems don't natively support NTFS. This means that on systems that dual-boot Windows 9x and Windows 2000, the Windows 9x OS can't see any NTFS volumes. In many dual-boot situations it is very useful for both operating systems to see all available volumes.

3. Remove all volumes from the disk by right-clicking each volume and choosing Delete Volume. 49 50 4. After all volumes are removed from the disk, right-click the disk and choose Revert to Basic Disk. 5. Create partitions and volumes on the disk and restore the data to the volumes. I l@ve RuBoard I l@ve RuBoard Chapter 3. Configuring System Software and Components Windows 2000 configuration tasks fall into two distinct categories: hardware and system software. Chapter 2 covered hardware configuration issues.

After installation, boot the new copy of Windows 2000. Open the Backup utility and restore the backup set created in step 2. 8. Reboot the system to incorporate application, security, and other settings from the restored installation. 2 Using an NTFS driver for Windows 9x There's another approach to take if you don't want to go through the hassle of a backup/reinstall/restore, or if you want to retain the benefits of the NTFS filesystem for Windows 2000. You can add a driver to Windows 9x that will enable it to access the NTFS volume.

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