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The time seems ripe to choose a different The choice of policy should in some direction for the future development of measure be influenced by what the industrialized societies and to formuvisitors from the Third World late some moderately radical policy sugwould consider the most provo- gestions that point in a new direction. cative aspects of affluence in Swed- The alternative design presented here, ish life. through five sets of political proposals, is It must be possible in principle to realize not to be seen as the solution but rather them through political decisions pre- as a starting-point for debate.

33 The 1975 Dag Hammarskjold Report on Development and International Cooperation 2 Another development IS endogenous and self-reliant Current 'development' models advise Third World countries, sometimes called 'less developed', sometimes 'developing', to hasten to increase their gross product so as to 'bridge the gap' which is supposed to separate them from the so-called 'developed' countries. The terminology is itself value-loaded: it relates to and helps to support the theory according to which underdevelopment would be a 'stage in economic growth'.

Growth is not an abstract entity which exists independently of what is produced; the product itself determines its distribution: a few luxury residences cannot substitute for the many low-cost dwellings that could otherwise have been built with the time, technology, materials or money invested. The 'trickle-down' effect, according to which the growth of gross product, even if concentrated at the apex of the social pyramid, would filter downwards and eventually reach the bottom, is misleading, as experience shows.

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