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As Norman Dennis has shown, such group general‐ isations, sometimes called stereotypes, are a useful and unavoidable part of the human condition. Prejudice, in its pejorative sense, is judging an individual in advance of experience or persisting with a judgement regardless of contrary evidence.  However, it would be an unjustified prejudice to insist that, because William Shakespeare was an Englishman, he must be dry and unemotional. Stereotyping, says Dennis, is judgement based on ‘experience of the chance that a person from this group or category is more likely to behave in one way than another’.

Company successfully sued the rail workers’ union for losses suffered during a strike. As a result, the Liberal Government passed the Trade Disputes Act in 1906 removing trade union liability during strikes. Unlike everyone else, trade unions were henceforth able to break contracts without legal consequences.  The victim had become the oppressor and, following a series of strikes in which union power was abused, the laws were repealed in the 1980s. Despite this experience, preferential policies have been introduced in the UK, threatening the liberal ideal of equality under the law.

Post‐modernists who think they see social realities more clearly are, in this sense, no different from the champions of the divine right of kings, or aristocrats who thought they were born to rule. Author‐ itarians think that the arguments are already settled. The 43 WE’RE (NEARLY) ALL VICTIMS NOW! task is to act on the superior insight of the few, not to waste time questioning it.  Or in Popper’s more exact vocabulary, state your theory in such a way that it can be refuted by evidence. 44 3 Victim status and legal equality By requiring the consent of Parliament, following open discussion by all who might be subject to proposed laws, and by requiring that laws must apply equally to everyone, the intention of liberals was to reduce the risk that law would be abused to benefit particular groups at the expense of others.

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