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By Institute of Medicine, Food and Nutrition Board, Committee on Military Nutrition Research, Subcommittee on Military Weight Management

The basic objective of health and physique composition criteria within the U.S. defense force has continuously been to choose contributors most fitted to the actual calls for of army provider, in accordance with the idea that right bodyweight and composition helps sturdy healthiness, actual health, and applicable army appearance.

The present epidemic of obese and weight problems within the usa impacts the army providers. The pool of obtainable recruits is lowered as a result of failure to fulfill physique composition criteria for access into the companies and a excessive percent of people exceeding army weight-for-height criteria on the time of access into the provider go away the army ahead of finishing their time period of enlistment.

To reduction in constructing innovations for prevention and remediation of obese in army team of workers, the U.S. military clinical examine and Materiel Command asked the Committee on army food learn to study the clinical facts for: elements that impression bodyweight, optimum elements of a weight reduction and weight upkeep application, and the position of gender, age, and ethnicity in weight management.

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Maxfield, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, March 7, 2003. 9 BMI category reflects the fact that until late 2002, the military maximum weight-for-height standards were not based on the standard BMI categories (NHLBI, 1998). The military environment has both positive and negative aspects associated with it in terms of maintaining physical fitness and healthy weight. On the positive side, military personnel have ready access to health care providers. In addition, DOD has the potential for centralized, longitudinal record-keeping on all active duty personnel, the unusual ability to provide incentives and consequences for weight change, and the potential ability to modify environmental factors that are important for weight control.

5 million attributable to lost productivity and 28,351 lost workdays. Although the primary concern of the Department of Defense (DOD) has been the effects of weight and body composition on the fitness and performance of military personnel, recent changes in the laws regarding health care for veterans have added the costs of obesity-related comorbidity coverage as another area of concern. Also of special relevance to the military are the effects of fatness and of the lack of fitness on injury rates during initial entry training.

S. Marine Corps. b Adapted from Flegal et al. (2002); Freedman et al. (2002). S. 9, ≥ 40. SOURCE: Army data: Personal communication, G. S. Army Medical physical fitness, general health, and military appearance” (p. 2), and the first line of body composition evaluation is by weight-for-height and appearance. S. ” No objective criteria (rating scales) have been associated with the appearance standard as it is enforced, although development of objective criteria has been recommended previously (IOM, 1992a, 1998).

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