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Il 9 21. a cup of tea, coffee 21 22. a flower 22 , Numbers from 1 to 17 create a proverb: ITJJ 1 © 2 3 WI R Paullna Llszka CD ITllJ 4 5 6 7 8 9 1011 Vocabulary Puzzle Book 12 13 14151617 36 MUSIC 1. Name the following instruments and fill in the crossword. 1 1. 2. I 2 ~ 3 • 4 ~ ,I(-,e 5 ~6 ... l:; 7 8 9 I I I 2. Match the following definitions with the words on the right. 1. the melody of a son9 - _ 2. a successful song 3. a group of two singers 4. plays records in discotheques 5. the beat of the music 6.

How much hair does a bold man have? 12. At what age can you get a driving licence? 13. How many wives did Henry VIII - the English king have? 14. How many seconds does a football match last? 15. How many English exercises do you still want to do? © WI R Pauhna liszka Vocabulary Puzzle Book 47 CATEGORIES Fill in the crossword writing to which category the following words belong. Then see what is solution of the crossword. Choose categories from the box. 1. cousin, uncle 2. lion, tiger 3. apple, pear, plum 4.

2. 3. © WI R Paulina liszka Vocabulary Puzzle Book 32 CAR Put the number of the picture to the appropriate word ~I o __ windscreen wipers accelerator __ gear level __ headlights windscreen dashboard © WI R Paulina liszka Vocabulary Puzzl~ Book __ number plate __ steering wheel __ wheel __ boot __ aerial __ tyre o -----------' __ seat belt __ bonnet __ bumper __ brake __ clutch 33 VEHICLES All these vehicle words can be found hidden in the box of letters. Each word can go in any direction, forwards, backwards, up or down or even diagonal.

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