Download Visual Basic .NET. Практическое руководство для начинающего by M. A. Trusov PDF

By M. A. Trusov

Эта книга посвящена одному из наиболее популярных языков программирования - visible simple .NET. Прочитав ее, вы научитесь <с нуля> создавать разнообразные программы, формы и Web-страницы, добавлять на них различные элементы управления, текст, графику и т.д.Издание будет полезно тем читателям, кто хочет самостоятельно изучить visible easy .NET, студентам специализированных ВУЗов, а также всем, кто интересуется новинками в области программирования.

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Read or Download Visual Basic .NET. Практическое руководство для начинающего программиста PDF

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It’s valid for the user to have a reference to a DrawingObject, but it would be invalid for the user to call Render() for that object, so this is prevented by making the Render() function internal. This code doesn’t make sense in a real program. NET Common Language Tip Runtime has a number of collection classes that make this sort of thing much more straightforward and less error-prone. internal protected To provide some extra flexibility in how a class is defined, the internal protected modifier can be used to indicate that a member can be accessed from either a class that could access it through the internal access path or a class that could access it through a protected access path.

WriteLine("Exception: {0}", e); } } } When the DivideByZeroException is caught in the DoAverage() function, it is wrapped in a new exception that gives the user additional information about what caused the exception. Usually the wrapper exception is the same type as the caught exception, but this might change depending on the model presented to the caller. Main() Ideally, each function that wants to rethrow the exception will wrap it in an exception with additional contextual information. User-Defined Exception Classes One drawback of the last example is that the caller can’t tell what exception happened in the call to DoAverage() by looking at the type of the exception.

When it encounters a call to that function, it first checks to see if there is an exact match for the function. The first function call matches: public void Write(string, object arg) Similarly, the third function passes an object array, and it matches: public void Write(string label, params object[] args) Things get interesting for the second call. The definition with the object parameter doesn’t match, but neither does the one with the object array. When both of these matches fail, the compiler notices that the params keyword is present, and it then tries to match the parameter list by removing the array part of the params parameter and duplicating that parameter until there are the same number of parameters.

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