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By Erik Haddock, Jeff Easley

Inside those pages the reader will study of the lich's origins, its powers, its lair, or even its very mental make-up in addition to the keys to a winning hunt and termination. lethal new minions and designated lich magicks also are dropped at the fore.

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Time loses meaning. Days become longer, shorter, then altogether meaningless. Each day becomes the same, with the concept of time a ’ vague memory. All that is for you is only your own self. You may monitor the outside world, sometimes very closely, but it is easy to lose track of what progresses outside your lair when you neglect to peer outside a window for a decade, favoring instead to research a new-found text or create a particular amalgamation. What if you sat down to read a book, then looked up from it a generation later, when there was no one alive to recognize, no peers with which to debate a fine point?

As with all plans, there are bound to be some drawbacks in introducing a spy (or spy device) to the lich’s lair. First, it alerts the lich to your intentions. Second, the lich may guess your plan and mislead you. Third, a s the passage from my journal on the following page attests, such tricks may bring doom upon some or all of the party. Finally, the lich’s lair is the last place one wants to meet with a lich. Far better is it to lure the lich out of its deadly haven. Efforts to defeat a lich within its lair have never succeeded, to my knowledge.

On the other hand, liches that operate in environments where no opposition exists, or at least where they perceive none, will not hesitate to not only take what they desire, but to destroy as many magical artifacts, tomes, and other information as needed to keep others ignorant of the ways of magic. No doubt the perceptive reader has already discerned the importance of this information. In either case, the lich is compelled for its own sake to visit repositories of arcane knowledge. When seeking to destroy a lich, the hunter is much safer if he never enters the lair of his prey.

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