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This article discusses the undocumented home windows NT API calls the authors have investigated in years of study and consulting on installations operating home windows NT types 5.51, four and 2000 betas. those undocumented APIs not just convey how NT works, but in addition exhibit the safety dangers inherent in NT.

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To access a memory location, you specify the segment and offset within that segment. The first step in address translation is to add the base address of the segment to the offset. This 32-bit address is the physical memory address if paging is not enabled. Otherwise this address is called as the logical or linear address and is converted to a physical RAM address using the page address translation mechanism (refer to Figure 4-1). Figure 4-1: Linear to physical address translation The memory management scheme is popularly known as paging because the memory is divided into fixed-size regions called pages.

This array can hold up to MAX_VAD_ENTRIES entries. Each entry in the array is of type VADINFO. The VADINFO structure has two members: the address of the VAD tree node and the actual VAD tree node. H file as follows: typedef struct vad { void *StartingAddress; void *EndingAddress; struct vad *ParentLink; struct vad *LeftLink; struct vad *RightLink; DWORD Flags; }VAD, *PVAD; The first two members dictate the address range represented by the VAD node. Each VAD tree node maintains a pointer to the parent node and a pointer to the left child and the right child.

You can also specify some access permission bits with a segment descriptor. These bits specify whether a particular segment is read-only, read-write, executable, and so on. Each segment descriptor has 2 bits specifying its privilege level, called as the descriptor privilege level (DPL). The processor compares the DPL with the Requested Privilege Level (RPL) before granting access to a segment. The RPL is dictated by 2 bits in the segment selector while specifying the address. The Current Privilege Level (CPL) also plays an important role here.

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