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World Resources 2005: The Wealth of the Poor: Managing Ecosystems to Fight Poverty (World Resources)

Ecosystems are--or can be--the wealth of the bad. for plenty of of the 1. 1 billion humans residing in critical poverty, nature is a regular lifeline—an asset for people with few different fabric skill. this can be very true for the agricultural terrible, who include three-quarters of all bad families all over the world. Harvests from forests, fisheries and farm fields are a major resource of rural source of revenue, and a fall-back while different resources of employment falter.

La Via Campesina: Globalization and the Power of Peasants

L. a. through Campesina is likely one of the world's greatest and most crucial transnational social events. shaped in 1993, it brings jointly rural ladies, peasants, indigenous groups, small-scale farmers and farm employees from world wide. Comprising hundreds of thousands of individuals, it's a major strength opposed to the globalization of a neo-liberal and corporate-led version of agriculture.

99 to 1. How Wealth Inequality Is Wrecking the World and What We Can Do about It

Over the last thirty years, we have seen an intensive redistribution of wealth upward to a tiny fraction of the inhabitants. right here, activist Chuck Collins explains the way it occurred and marshals wide-ranging facts to teach precisely what the 99/1 percentage divide capability within the actual global and the wear it explanations to participants, companies, and the earth.

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Inflation and Regional Price Differences 153 3. Poverty Indices 159 4. The Impact of Equivalency Scales on Calculation of the Poverty Gap and P1 161 Tables 167 Page v Maps 25760 Incidence of poverty 25792 The poor: average income shortfall below poverty line 25794 Incidence of poverty 25761 Total number of poor 25793 Unemployment rates of labor force 25796 Workers in public and intervention works 25797 Unemployment rates of labor force 25795 Social assistance spending per poor Page vi List of Figures 1.

Of all public transfers, unemployment benefits and social assistance are the best targeted. In Chile the poorest decile of the population receives about half of all transfers (Figure 7). K. social assistance (income maintenance) delivers 35 percent of all benefits to the poorest decile. In Poland the poorest decile receives only one-fourth of total social assistance and one-fifth of unemployment benefits. There is clearly room for improvement in targeting, particularly for the delivery of social assistance to the poor.

But, according to that criterion alone, some voivodships (like Lodz) receive more than they should, indicating that other criteria are operating as well. Given these disparities, it appears that the number of unemployed. is not the best variable to use in determining the allocation of central funds. Instead, the measure should be the extent of poverty, since social assistance is concerned with the poor rather than the unemployed, who are already covered by Page xxvii unemployment benefits. Long-term unemployment, moreover, is the cause of poverty in only 16 percent of the cases, while 60 percent of Poles living in poverty are poor workers and families of poor workers.

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