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By Mala Sibal

This atlas and advisor booklet is targeted on gynecological ultrasound, a space that has remained within the shadow of obstetric ultrasound & fetal medication. Gynecological ultrasound has visible swift advances as a result of increasing examine and more suitable ultrasound apparatus. This booklet leverages those advances and gives ample illustrations and perform issues of classical and new ultrasound beneficial properties. It serves as a consultant for radiologists, gynecologists and sonologists for the exact prognosis of gynecological pathologies.

The chapters of this publication additionally function a accomplished source for varied subject matters with countless numbers of pictures and figures, together with simple grey scale photographs, Doppler reviews and 3 dimensional ultrasound illustrations. additionally, regular phrases for the assessment and reporting of gynecological pathologies are mentioned. Emergencies like ovarian torsion, advanced adnexal cyst also are covered.

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Once the catheter is inside, the catheter balloon is inflated, and then saline, preferably warm, is instilled with the help of a syringe into the endometrial cavity. Initially about 10 ml is instilled, but if required, further instillation may be done (up to 40 ml). If the balloon of the catheter is obscuring visualisation, it may be deflated. It has been noticed that Doppler flows in tissues may be minimised during SIS due to the pressure effect of the instilled fluid. The presence of air bubbles and suboptimal distension of the endometrial cavity may result in poor evaluation of endometrial pathology.

Other surrounding structures that are not relevant can be cut away. It is important to cut just beyond the ROI (here, the serosal surface of the uterus which is seen as white margins in the image above), so that the shape or outline of the structure does not get altered by the ‘magic cut’ • Colour Doppler: This provides a directional semi-­ quantitative flow assessment. Flow towards the probe is seen in red and flow away from the probe is seen in blue. The intensity of the flow affects the brightness of colour and turbulent flows show mosaic patterns.

E. if it is reproducible in multiple planes. Similarly, reproducing the pathology/lesion with multiple modalities also enhances diagnostic accuracy. 5 Tips and Tricks of Pelvic Ultrasound with 3D rendering. In addition, a Doppler evaluation will show us its feeder vessel, which further helps to confirm the diagnosis. • Importance of previous scan reports and images Availability of previous scan reports and images is useful in making a diagnosis and assessing the effectiveness of management. For example, a physiological ovarian cyst does not persist at follow-up scans, while an endometriotic or neoplastic cyst continues to increase in size.

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