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THE MAGE’S TOWER Four sivak shapechanged into elven wizards guard the locked door which leads into the five story tower. Once inside, the PCs only need ascend to the highest level and physically awaken the mage. Once the mage is awake, the entire community also seems to awaken. They no longer see what the dragons want them to see. In fact, the elves remember everything, and they are not happy in the least. Green Dragons (2): AC –2; MV 9, Fl 30(C), Sw 9; HD 15; hp 65; THAC0 11; #AT 3+special; Dmg 1-8+6/ 1-8+6/ 2-20+6; SA Breath weapon 12d6+6; MR 20%; AL LE; ML 16; XP 9,000.

You must pardon my voice, for my throat is dry. ” As you see her face to face, you notice that the painted designs are actually sores and scabs. She is diseased! This is Chislev, and the tests have begun. First, she wishes to see if the PCs will look down upon her because: 1) she is old and frail, and 2) she is a Kagonesti, a wild elf. Second, she wishes to see if they are generous by hinting that she could use a drink. Finally, she wants to see if they prize true beauty such as that made by her flute, over the transient beauty of the flesh.

In Tree Lords, you will find not only an adventure about and for elves, but also information on a new character class: The Kirath (Silvanesti Scout). Bring a new dimension to your ® DRAGONLANCE campaign with this, the second module in the DLS series. Take part as players in the reclamation of the Silvanesti homelands! It is not necessary to have played DLS1, New Beginnings, in order to play this stand-alone module.

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