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By Adrian Flint

In 2000 the eu Union and its seventy eight African-Caribbean-Pacific companions signed the Cotonou contract, heralding a brand new period in developmental politics. This finished e-book attracts realization to the constraints within the EU's method of imposing pro-poor, environmentally sustainable improvement among its African-Caribbean-Pacific companions.

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They relate to the loss of tariff revenues, restructuring of domestic sectors, the development of the institutional capacity with which to deal with Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) measures and the harmonisation of policies with neighbours, to highlight but a few. 7 billion) to the ACP as a whole (Bilal and Rampa 2006). To put this figure into context, during the period 2001–04 the EU offered the ACP countries €300 million ($390 million) in trade-related assistance (Bilal et al. 2006a). The ACP countries have requested that the EU establish an adjustment fund in order to facilitate the transition to the new regime.

This view has recently been afforded an increased measure of credibility as a result of the enhanced public profiles of such environmental sceptics as Bjørn Lomborg and Matthew Ridley. However, it was Julian Simon who pioneered this anti-environmental backlash. Writing in the early 1980s, he produced a number of influential rebuttals to the rising tide of environmental doomsayers such as Paul Ehrlich, author of The Population Bomb (1968), a neoMalthusian work. Simon and Ehrlich’s famous $1000 wager on the future of metal prices proved a damaging episode for the neo-Malthusian lobby and earned Simon the epithet of ‘Doomslayer’.

However, for the purposes of this study, the definition of weak sustainability will be broadened somewhat to incorporate strategies that do not, in essence, challenge the prevailing neoliberal economic paradigm. Such strategies argue that basic reforms to the current system (for example, improved accounting techniques) can help stem the tide of environmental degradation without dramatically altering the economic status quo. In fact, it can be argued that such steps would make the global economy more efficient.

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