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By C. T. Adams

Kate Reilly has a difficult time trusting people.Six years in the past, the affection of her existence became her over to the vampire parasites who name themselves the Thrall. Katie survives the robust chunk of the grasp parasite in basic terms to find that the Thrall's venom, coupled together with her personal normal psychic skill, has reworked her. Now she is subsequent in line to be the Thrall Queen--and on a daily basis can be her final as a human.Tom, a good-looking firefighter, arouses all of Katie's dormant senses, yet her center shies away. After Dylan's betrayal, how can she belief any man--even a likely ideal and extraordinarily horny werewolf?Tom's sincerity--and intercourse appeal--begins to wear out Katie's defenses. yet his more and more insistent appeal hides a very likely lethal mystery: his werewolf pack is hiding the single one who can cease the Thrall from finishing Katie's transformation into Queen--and they may not supply her up.

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MacDougal nodded. “And damage to the Thrall, such as an injury to a feeding tube in the mouth or a blow to the nesting site at the base of the skull will stun the Host into a comatose-like state. I pursed my lips. ” Touch of Evil 27 “Precisely. It’s the same with drugs. Anything sufficient to kill the Thrall will kill the Host. It’s only recently that we’ve learned that the Thrall’s body actually merges with and replaces human brain tissue. When the parasite grows too big, the hypothalamus is destroyed and the Host dies.

That bastard! Salty wetness burned at my eyes and a buzzing filled my ears. I tried to hide the hurt from my voice. It still sounded strangled and harsh, but from anger, not pain. “That doesn’t explain where he is, Amanda. ” “He’s interviewing for a new job. ” “He could have taken a couple of vacation days, or even a sick day. ” Her voice was becoming huffy, tight. “Not that it’s any of your business—but his new friend, Larry, offered him a position. It pays very well. ” Panic flowed through my veins.

The drymouthed terror of entering the Thrall nest knowing I might not survive. It was mid-afternoon, full sunlight. I’d hoped, prayed that all of the Hosts would be sleeping off a long night of carousing. The neck shield scratched at my neck and was almost unbearably hot and uncomfortable. From the minute I’d heard the “snick” of the tiny padlock securing it at my throat I’d wanted it off. But I’d promised Joe. ” Touch of Evil 41 I heard Larry’s pleasant voice right behind me. “G’day, Kate. ” I turned my whole body to the warm Australian voice.

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