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By Julie Leto

The spirit of a masked legend lives on…Art professional Alex Aguilar is a good guy. while he inherits an public sale condominium dealing in shady item, he is wanting to catalog every thing ahead of the products tarnish his sterling attractiveness. yet whether the item is not precisely scorching, his hot new assistant, Lucienne Bonet, certainly is. Too undesirable his pesky ethical code potential he has to maintain his palms off…or does he?Lucienne isn't really really what she turns out. She's a thief and she's after a truly useful ring that after belonged to a mythical masked hero…Alex's ancestor. yet as Alex deliciously undoes her plans— and her clothes—Lucienne realizes that at last, her masks should come off, too!

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I remember the day very well when my editor, Brenda Chin, called to talk about a book I already had contracted for publication as a Temptation Blaze, the precursor to the stand-alone Blaze series that is now celebrating a decade in print. I’d already started writing the book and had planned for it to be short and character-focused, like all my Temptations were. But Brenda was offering me a chance to do something spectacular and unheard of for a relatively new author: be a part of the Blaze launch!

Lucienne had not removed her hand from Alex’s. Her touch was tentative, her sharp intake of breath held in throat. Their eyes locked for a split second—long enough for him to catch a glimpse of what he’d been searching so valiantly for over the past six weeks. Desire. “I’m in the middle of something,” he told Michael, willing Lucienne not to take her hand away. “This is important,” Michael insisted. Before Alex could form a coherent response, Lucienne scrambled into the gallery. Her heels clicked a quick tattoo against the polished floor that matched the sudden, rapid pounding of his heartbeat.

Unfortunately for the women of San Francisco, who are already lacking in available men,” Dawes said, her voice suddenly low and lusty. “A real crying shame. ” Oh, Lucy got her drift all right. Over the past two months, Alejandro Aguilar had starred in several of Lucy’s erotic dreams—and one had indeed included a twirling red cape and the impaling of a wild beast. Of course, she’d been the untamable animal in question and Alejandro had not been using a banderilla, but another long, stiff tool—one without colorful ribbons, but silky, hot and hard as steel.

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