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By Nelson Lee

During this reprint of a vintage Indian Captivity Narrative from the nineteenth century, Nelson Lee recounts his adventures and his slim break out from the Comanches in stories approximately too tall to be actual. From South the US to Texas, he reveals experience in all places. Lee emerges from one furry state of affairs merely to trip into one other bold event with the chilliness of a Hollywood hero. for 3 years he's held captive one of the Comanches. Tortured by means of his captors, this Texas Ranger survives to inform others approximately what he observes and learns concerning the Comanche tribe, and publishes the most effective descriptions of the lifetime of the Texas Rangers.

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Louis, Missouri: by Frances Terry Ingmire, 1982). Page xiv It is obvious, then, that while Lee ultimately reached southern Texas, he likely was not the dashing Ranger that he purported to be. He had wonderful information on the Texas Rangers, though; he saw them in action and listened attentively to their stories. " His various accounts of border warfare between so-called Mexican bandits and Rangers between 1843 and 1846, however, reveal all the prejudices and problems that were prevalent on the southern Texas frontier during this period.

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A. First paperback printing, 1991. 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Page v Contents Foreword by Gary Clayton Anderson xi Introduction by Walter Prescott Webb xix Editor's Preface 3 Chapter I IntroductoryBirth and parentageRoving disposition Rafting on the St. LawrenceBlack Hawk WarCholeraVisit to St. LouisNew OrleansWashingtonThe DelawareVoyage to BrazilThe chase for piratesShip PrebleNewfoundland fishermenShipwreckArrival in Texas 6 Chapter II Unsettled condition of TexasOrigin of the RangersTheir characteristicsCaptain CameronFirst acquaintance with the Comanche IndiansEncounter with the Mexicans General DavisBattle of Panta ClanA stump speech The sack of LindvilleOn the trailSecond introduction to the ComanchesBattle of Plum CreekThe shattered armRescue of prisonersThe death of Cameron 13 Chapter III Horse-peddling speculationSanta Fé ExpeditionChills and feverThe call to armsJack HaysThe horse PrinceDeparture of the Rangers from BexarMexican robbers The Sevilla scrapeColt's re- Page vi volversDeer huntingEncampment at the Forks Discovery of the enemyThe Ranger's ruseThe Comanches surprisedBattle of Walker's CreekSam.

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