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By Norman Leigh

In the summertime of 1966, Norman Leigh took a crew to the on line casino Municipale in great with the explicit purpose of systematically successful huge sums of cash at roulette. weeks later, his crew was once banned from each on line casino in France—not simply because they'd cheated or behaved badly, yet simply because they'd won—methodically and regularly. 13 opposed to the financial institution is a wry and specified account of a real occasion that each one professional opinion deemed very unlikely: beating the financial institution at roulette. It unearths how Leigh assembled and bankrolled his staff of 13, instilling in them the self-discipline and stamina to convey off this coup after which practice it utilizing a method referred to as the opposite Labouchere having a bet development. An all-time on line casino playing vintage.

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We went to casinos in Deauville, Trouville, Nice and other French towns and invariably we had to come home sooner than we planned because our money had run out. Fair enough. One goes into a gaming salon perfectly well aware that it is a jungle where welfare-state safety nets do not exist. That is the main attraction of gambling, the exposure to genuine drama. You win or you lose, and your character is put to the test in both eventualities. My father and I could never have won consistently, because we treated the whole thing too casually.

Never having opened the book since the day I’d bought it in Boscombe Arcade, I sat down to read it there and then. I was still reading it at three the next morning. Lord Beresford, whoever he might have been, was no harebrained crackpot. He gave a cool and factual assessment of roulette and his explanation for the failure of all players to win at it consistently. By the time I had finished his monograph for the second or third time that night the old fever was raging in me. At last I saw how the wheel could be beaten!

At least it seemed like a coincidence at the time – now I see it as one more link in a pattern, for I have no doubt I was fated to spend much of my life trying to find a way to beat the wheel. When my parents moved to the south coast to take over a New Forest hotel near the Hampshire village of New Milton I went with them and took a job as a clerk with a local firm of builders’ merchants. Like so many people who have a vague idea they are destined for some special role in life, generally with little justification, I was content to drift from day to day in humdrum jobs, waiting for The Sign that would tell me where my life was destined to lead.

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