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Now, for the 1st time, the main accomplished consultant to blackjack ever written is accessible as a exchange paperback.

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Because the junket business is so competitive, some junket agents guarantee the debts of their clients. While the casino allows between 3 per cent and 5 per cent for bad debts, the junket agent must collect all markers he guarantees. A couple of high rollers with bad debts can put him. out of business. So the BLACKJACK BOOK 43 junket agent can be a tough man to owe, because he must have your money. I believe the best way to play Blackjack is as a cash' player. I don't want anybody connected with the casino to know how much I have played, won, or lost.

Gamble it away. Carry your valuables carefully, and watch your chips at all BLACKJACK BOOK 45 times in the casino. I've seen chips "snitched" at the table, chips dropped, or just left somewhere only to disappear instantly. There's no reason to be a winning Blackjack player if you're going to give your winnings away. PROSTITUTION Although prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas, the authorities must allow it because there are so many and they're so obvious. Personally, I prefer to maximize the quantity of my gambling time rather than improve the quality of my sack time.

I must have looked touristy enough that they didn't feel it was necessary to swap ,decks to see if I had pulled a switch. 40 THE WORLD'S GREATEST Whenever a card goes off the table, tell the dealer and let the pit boss retrieve it. Another rule goof I made nearly was in playing more than one hand at a time. At first, I picked up both sets of hands I was playing and was immediately informed by the dealer that I was not allowed to do that. When playing more than one hand at a time, you must fully play out the first hand before going on to look at the cards in the next hand.

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