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By Frank W. Coggins

Книга для любителей деревообработки и всех, кто неравнодушен к этому занятию. Со страницы на страницу ощущается творческий подход к поставленной цели - популяризовать токарную работу, не только, как процесс, но и как искусство.

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The choices are: 1. damage by Kin Should the real Lorac be struck by the real Alhana for any kind of actual damage, the King will awaken. This action must have been foretold by the coin toss to work. If not, the King will not react. Alhana’s touch will not work either. (You may use the chart under Love of Alhana here if you wish. ) 2. The Power of the Gods Goldmoon, Loralon, or Waylorn are all true clerics. Any of the following clerical spells may be used to awaken Lorac from his dreamweb: Dispel Magic (Against 21st level magic) Remove Curse (Saving throws apply; Lorac saves with 6 + on d20.

HIDE I N S H A D O W S 2 0 % , HEAR N O I S E I 5 % , See back of card for more information. CLIMB W A LLS 8 7 % . See back of card for more information. alhana starbreeze STR 9 WIS I5 CON I0 INT I6 DEX I3 CHR I5 AC 7 T H LEVEL H I G H ELVEN FIGHTER THAC0 I4 AL LG HP 32 -2 (PLATE ARMOR + 3 , S H I E L D +I) WEAPONS STR 8 WIS I6 CON I4 INT 9 DEX I3 CHR I5 AC LONGSWORD +3 (ID8 + 3; IDI2 + 3; THAC0 npc waylorn wyvernsbane II) ( I D 6 + 2 , I D 6 + 2; TH A C 0 1 2 ) THAC0 I6 HP 28 AL N 5 (LEATHER ARMOR + 2 , SMALL SHIELD) WEAPONS 3-8; SHORTBOW + 2 AND QUIVER OF 20 ARROWS 7TH LEVEL DRUID STAFF OF THE SERPENT (PYTHON) (3-8/ THAC0 EQUIPMENT I4) AS SELECTED BY PLAYER, 500 STL/ I 0 0 0 G P W MAXIMUM EQUIPMENT AS SELECTED BY PLAYER; 5 0 0 S T L / I 0 0 0 G P W MAXIMUM LANGUAGES COMMON, SOLAMNIC, SILVANESTI ELVEN, QUALINESTI ELVEN, DWARVEN LANGUAGES ELVEN, QUALINESTI COMMON, ELVEN, DWARVEN, DRACONIAN See back of card for more information.

Level 3: cause blindess, dispel magic, prayer. Level 4: cause serious wounds (x2). Verminaard once controlled the lands on the Abanasinian peninsula from the Seeker kingdoms to the Plains of Dergoth and was working to extend his power. The heroes cast him to his death in Thorbardin. He awoke in this land, from which he can find no escape. Verminaard is a Dreamshadow only, drawn from the minds of the PCs. As such, the spirit of his malice lives on! Random encounter Chart In addition to the set Encounters and Events in this adventure, the following Random Encounters can occur.

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