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By Carlene Cross

Within the timeless West, Carlene move creates a memorable mix of non-public and local heritage. The voices in her tales contain these of her father and his "sod-busting" associates; the Salish, Kootenai, Nez Perce, and Iroquois Indians; the fossil is still of Montana's prehistory; or even the wind, the soil, and the prairie grasses. go is a storyteller within the culture of such remarkable Western writers as William Kittredge, Rick Bass, and Ivan Doig. And like them, she deals a private testomony to the iconic features of the West. contains 50 black and white pictures and maps.

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Learning from the dust bowl fiasco, farmers are, by and large, jealous caretakers of the soil. And although battles like those between my father and Phil Pelley exist, a sense of community is stronger than any quarrel individuals wage. Ranchers epitomize generosity toward family and the whole. I bring my suburban teenagers back to our farm to reinforce this connection to their ancestry and the land. Although Seattle's urban energy offers them much, the dissipate transience of modernity is not one of the city's advantages.

Yet, in our techno-cities, where we surround ourselves with convenience, malaise spreads. Gadgets bombard us with racket, and automation litters our atmosphere. Excessive sound dulls our genetic earth-instinct. Quiet space makes us nervous; we fill it like an empty coffee cup. By neglecting to cultivate a relationship with nature, are we not denying ourselves the only mentor capable of tutoring us back into contentment and sustainability? With all the wonderful things science Page xii has given us, hasn't it also taken us too far afield from the enchantment of creation and the ancient practices that have sustained us through the ages?

As he looped around, he drove over his friend several times before killing him. The morning breeze swept off the prairie land and played with my soft cotton nightgown. It carried the luxurious smell of a summer meadow, a fragrance bursting with life and ripe to harvest. Now, alongside that warm breeze, ran the image of Joe Curley dead among the stocks of grain. In the midst of the West's inspiring landscape, beauty Page x and tragedy mingle in a region that holds more than its share of heartache, suffering, and unfairness.

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