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Is that this a tome? i used to be waiting for deep topic insurance. What we have now in its place is a replica of the API medical doctors. Does tome make? i believe now not. what is lacking? complicated examples. Real-world examples (who creates home windows with API calls after we have TForm?). Undocumented insights at the back of the APIs -- stuff you cannot locate in MSDN or the Platform SDK. greater than whatever, this publication highlights the bloody loss of strong Delphi books. This one is well a go.

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Such a system can provide the application with a logical representation of the drawing canvas which has measurements which are independent of that device’s pixel resolution. The GDI functions which use logical coordinates will perform a translation on the coordinates and then issue commands to the device driver in its device coordinate system. This translation of measurements between logical and device coordinates is supported by a rich set of API function calls. Some GDI functions support the higher level logical coordinates, and some functions apply only to pixel operations.

Read EarthWeb's privacy statement. html at 13/05/00 The Tomes of Delphi 3: Win32 Graphical API:Graphical Device Interface Functions ITKnowledge To access the contents, click the chapter and section titles. The Tomes of Delphi 3: Win32 Graphical API Go! ) Author(s): Ayres, Bowden, Diehl, Dorcas, Harrison, Mathes, Reza & Tobin ISBN: 1556226101 Publication Date: 03/01/98 Search this book: Go! Please Select Previous Table of Contents Next Graphical Device Interface Functions The following graphical device interface functions are covered in this chapter: Table 2-2: Graphical Device Interface Functions Function Description ChangeDisplaySettings ClientToScreen CreateCompatibleDC DeleteDC DPtoLP EnumDisplaySettings GetDC GetDCOrgEx Changes the display mode.

Converts device points to logical points. Enumerates available display modes. Retrieves a handle to a device context. Retrieves the final translation origin from the specified device context. Retrieves device capabilities. GetDeviceCaps The Tomes of Delphi 3: Win32 Graphical API:Graphical Device Interface Functions GetMapMode GetSystemMetrics GetViewportExtEx GetViewportOrgEx GetWindowDC GetWindowExtEx GetWindowOrgEx LPtoDP MapWindowPoints Retrieves the current mapping mode. Retrieves system element measurements.

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