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By L. J. Smith

The Circle's energy has Lured Her Home... Cassie needs to confront a shattering problem: a tribulation which may rate her existence or achieve her greater than she's ever imagined... Charmed through the key Circle, she's initiated into the mysterious "in crowd," a coven of younger witches whose energy has managed New Salem for 3 hundred years. Hopelessly in love with the coven leader's boyfriend, Cassie dangers falling prey to darkish powers so that it will have him. but when she does, her never-ending love may possibly ruin the coven, New Salem, and her! ...And she's going to Emerge the chief or Perish!

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She waded in up to her knees and then continued walking down the beach. When she reached a dock, she splashed out of the water and climbed up to it. Only three boats were tied there: two rowboats and a powerboat. It was deserted. It was just what Cassie needed. She unhooked the thick, frayed rope meant to keep people like her off the dock and walked onto it. She walked far out, the weather-beaten wood creaking beneath her feet, the water stretching out on either side of her. When she looked back at the beach, she saw she'd left the other sunbathers far behind.

All in an instant Cassie's dizziness overwhelmed her, blood rushing to her face. Was he looking for money? Did he think he could pay her for helping him? She was humiliated, and more stricken than when Jordan had grabbed her wrist, and she couldn't help the tears flooding her eyes. But what he pulled out of his pocket was a stone, a rock like something you might pick up on the ocean floor. At least that was what it looked like at first. One side was rough and gray, embedded with tiny black spirals like little shells.

But without his name, how would Cassie ever find him again? She wouldn't. That was the brutal truth, and she might as well face it right now. Even if she did find out his name, she wasn't the sort to chase after a boy. She wouldn't know how. "And in one week I'm going home," she whispered. For the first time these words didn't bring a surge of comfort and hope. She put the rough little piece of chalcedony down on the night-stand, with a sort of final clink. "Cassie? " Cassie turned quickly to see her mother in the doorway.

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