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By Guy Hocquenghem

A founding father of Queer conception contends that the ruling periods have invented homosexuality as a sexual ghetto, splitting and mutilating wish within the approach.

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No use trying to fool me. I’ve got a good memory. I’d know right away. What was I saying? -Roland Dubillard Alone in his forest dwelling, an ogre had spent years building machines to force his visitors to make love to one another: machines with pulleys, chains, clocks, collars, leather leggings, metal breastplates, oscillatory, pendular, or rotating dildos. One day, some adolescents who had lost their way, seven or eight brothers, entered the ogre’s house. No one knows if the traps closed in upon them, or if the boys’ curiosity was such that they closed them themselves.

Its religion is not the future but the today. -Octavio Paz Trying to take power is a dead-end. Trying to destroy power is an even greater lure, especially if we neglect to shake off this very particular form of power called self-domination. How can we destroy the operative or imaginary power that the other weighs down upon us without arming ourselves with power through exercising strength over ourselves? And if power only begins in the presence of two people, how can we exert strength over ourselves without this eventually becoming a power that splashes others with its silence, its indifference, and its tranquility?

It can be immediately objected that pigs can’t fly, that a couple that has settled down has, by that token, become closed and gentrified. It is true that, in any case, the couple shall be perceived by bachelor gays on the prowl as an ambiguous object of desire, conceivable only if cut in half. And it shall be decided, as a security measure, that this couple refuses to be cut in half and that it cannot be open unless it spontaneously decides to break up. For the most rigid law of our sexual and emotional ideology, affecting both homosexuals and heterosexuals, does not concern the shape or sex of the desired object but its number: it is dangerous and thus prohibited to desire several people at the same time, and even more so if those people desire one another.

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