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The definitive resource for a way to jot down and post within the box of biblical studies

The long-awaited moment variation of the basic type handbook for writing and publishing in religious study and similar fields comprises key type alterations, up-to-date and increased abbreviation and spelling-sample lists, a listing of archaeological website names, fabric on qur'anic resources, specified details on mentioning digital resources, and accelerated instructions for the transliteration and transcription of seventeen historical languages.


  • Expanded lists of abbreviations to be used in old close to jap, biblical, and early Christian studies
  • Information for transliterating seventeen old languages
  • Exhaustive examples for mentioning print and digital sources

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The SBL Handbook of Style

The definitive resource for the way to write down and post within the box of bible study The long-awaited moment version of the basic kind handbook for writing and publishing in bible study and similar fields contains key sort adjustments, up-to-date and accelerated abbreviation and spelling-sample lists, a listing of archaeological website names, fabric on qur'anic resources, specific details on mentioning digital assets, and multiplied guidance for the transliteration and transcription of seventeen historic languages.

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See Bahnasa, elPhilae Ptolemais Qantir (Ramesses) Qasr, el- (Khenoboskion) Qasr el-Aguz Qaw el-Kebir (Antaeopolis; Tjebu) Qift (Koptos; Gebtu) Qurna Qus (Apollinopolis Parva; Gesa) Rataba, Tell elRubʾa, Tell el- (Mendes; Anpet) Sa el-Hagar (Sais; Zau) 28 Saft el-Hinna (Per-Sopdu) Sahaba, Tell elSakha (Xois) Salamuni, elSamannud (Sebennytos) San el-Hagar (Tanis; Djnet) Saqqara Seila Shanhur Sharuna Sheikh Ibada, el- (Antinoopolis) Sheikh Saʿid, elSedment el-Gebel Sultan, Kom elSuwa Tarkhan (Akanthopolis) Tihna el-Gebel (Hakoris; Tenis) Timai, Tell el- (Thmuis) Tuna el-Gebel Hermopolis Magna) Tura (Troikon Oros) Umm el-Qaʿab Yahudiya, Tell el- (Leontopolis) Zawyet el-Maiyitin Greece Acrocorinth Acropolis of Athens Acropolis of Rhodes Actium Aiani Akrotiri Amphiareion of Oropos Amphimalla Amphipolis Apollonia [Aetolia] Apollonia [Athos] Apollonia [Chalcidice] Apollonia [Kavala] Apollonia [north coast of Crete] Apollonia [south coast of Crete] Aptera Areopagus Argos Arna Arsinoe [Crete] Asine Assiros Athens Azoria Bassae Berea Brauron Corinth Cytinium Delphi Dendra Dimini Diolkos Dreros Eleutherna Epidaurus Gla Gortyn Helike Hephaistia Heraion of Argos Heraion of Perachora Heraion of Samos Iolcos Kalapodi Kalaureia Kameiros Kechries Kerameikos Kynos Larissa [Argolis] Lefkandi Leibethra Lerna Lindos Lyceum [classical, in Athens] Lykaion, Mount Midea [Argolid] Mireou Mycenae Mytilene Nemea Nichoria Odeon of Herodes Atticus Olous Olympia Olynthus Orchomenos [Arcadia] Orchomenos [Boeotia] Orestias Patras Pavlopetri Pellana Philippi §4 General Style | Phyle Cave Pindus [city] Pnyx Pylos Pythagoreion Rhamnous Rhithymna Spartia temple Thebes Thermos [Aetolia] Thoricus Tiryns Toumba Trachis Iran Ali Kosh Anshan Asaak Bastam Bisitun Chogha Mish Chogha Zanbil Ctesiphon Deh Luran Dinkha Tepe Ecbatana Farukhabad, Tepe Ganj Dareh Godin Tepe Haft Tepe Hajji Firuz Hasanlu Isfahan Izeh Malyan Marlik Mussian, Tepe Naqsh-i Rustam Nishapur Pasargadae Persepolis Sialk, Tepe Susa Yahya, Tepe Iraq Abu Duwari, Tell (Mashkanshapir) Abu Habba, Tell (Sippar) Abu Salabikh Adab ʿAqar Quf Asmar, Tell (Eshnunna) Assur.

Ein umherirrender Aramäer war mein Vater”). 3. , locus classicus). , ad hoc). 4. , “ipsissima verba” is roman in Merriam-Webster’s, so “ipsissima vox” should also be roman, even though it is not listed). 5. , agapē). 6. , Aelia Capitolina, Tel Yin‘am). 23 | The SBL Handbook of Style 7. , et al. but et alii). 8. , weltan­ schauung). Common examples: a priori ad hoc ad nauseam Aelia Capitolina agape (but transliterated agapē) agora amphora anno mundi apparatus criticus archon (transliterated archōn) atrium bamah (transliterated bāmâ) basilica bema (but transliterated bēma) boustrophedon ca.

Primeval History) may be a proper noun and so capitalized. But when the same words are used generically, they should remain in lowercase. Many contentious debates can arise over correct usage on these matters, and authors 32 §4 General Style | will clearly encounter competing standards. 1), the following guidelines are offered with the hope that they will be found useful. , Psalms is better than book of Psalms, and James than Epistle of James). , by CMS and Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary) is to capitalize words when they are used as titles of a specifically identifiable writing but lowercase them otherwise.

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