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By Theodore Jun Yoo

This research examines how the concept that of "Korean girl" underwent an intensive transformation in Korea's public discourse through the years of jap colonialism. Theodore Jun Yoo indicates that as girls moved out of conventional spheres to occupy new positions outdoors the house, they encountered the pervasive keep watch over of the colonial nation, which sought to impose modernity on them. whereas a few Korean ladies conformed to the dictates of colonial hegemony, others took planned pains to tell apart among what was once "modern" (e.g., Western clothes) and therefore valid, and what used to be "Japanese," and hence illegitimate. Yoo argues that what made the event of those ladies precise was once the twin disagreement with modernity itself and with Japan as a colonial power.

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26 Even as cultural ideals of the family (kajok) propagated by Confucian ideologues gained widespread acceptance, they did not necessarily translate into practice, especially when economic realities made that impossible. By the latter half of the ChosQn period, moreover, the contradictions between social status, wealth, and cultural ideals were becoming apparent. For instance, a wealthy peasant family (who did not have elite social standing) might celebrate an elaborate wedding according to Confucian norms, while a poor yangban family with limited economic resources could not provide a proper dowry for their daughter.

24 One option for poor commoner men was to marry a female slave ( yangch’Qn kyQlhon) owned by a member of the yangban class—unions that the elites encouraged for the sake of increasing their property. ChosQn law unequivocally gave masters sole ownership rights over the children of female slaves. Slaves, who occupied the lowest position in this rigid social hierarchy as ch’Qnmin, were divided into two categories: kongnobi (state-owned) and sanobi (privately owned). The latter were subdivided into solgQ nobi (service slaves) and oegQ nobi (outside resident slaves).

A fountainhead of reasoning power and human knowledge. Behold the woman of a civilized nation. She enjoys equal rights with man. She studies all branches of learning in schools. When she grows into womanhood marriage does not mean bondage to her. 83 THE ADVENT OF MISSIONARIES Protestant missionaries were keenly aware of the dismal results of Western nations’ eªorts to penetrate Korea’s closed doors. They also had been discouraged by the 1866 execution of nine French missionaries and eight thousand Catholic converts for their attempts to enact religious change.

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