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By Donald C. Benson

"In the instant of evidence, Donald Benson makes an attempt to express to common readers the sensation of eureka - the enjoyment of discoverythat mathematicians believe once they first stumble upon a sublime proof." "This isn't really an creation to arithmetic lots as an creation to the pleasures of mathematical considering. The publication is choked with fascinating conundrums - Loyd's Fifteen Puzzle, the Petersburg Paradox, the Chaos online game, the Monty corridor challenge, the Prisoners' hassle - in addition to many mathematical curiosities. We the right way to practice the arithmetical calculation known as "casting out nines" and are brought to Russian peasant multiplication, a extraordinary strategy to multiply numbers that really works. The ebook indicates us the way to calculate the variety of methods a chef can mix ten or fewer spices to taste his soup (1,024) and the way many folks we'd need to assemble in a room to have a 50-50 likelihood of 2 having a similar birthday (23 people). yet most vital, Benson takes us step-by-step via those many mathematical wonders, in order that we arrive on the resolution a lot the best way a operating scientist could - and with a lot an identical feeling of surprise."--BOOK JACKET.  Read more... I. Recalling. 1. Reflections. 2. Hand in Hand. three. additional development -- II. Counting. four. fascinating Numbers. five. Tenpins, and Counting. 6. Order and Reorder. 7. Outcast. eight. the facility of 2. nine. Divide and overcome. 10. Set and fit. eleven. likelihood stumble upon -- III. Balancing. 12. Cutouts. thirteen. Seesaw, Marjorie Daw. 14. Pearls -- IV. Numbering. 15. New Numbers for previous. sixteen. best information. 17. The Unknown department. 18. mystery Messages -- V. successful. 19. Be clever, Optimize. 20. The Play's the article

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