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This e-book follows the winning impressive Mathematical enjoyment Arcade through a similar writer. It includes a additional 128 puzzles and video games designed to problem humans of every age. the themes diversity from matchsticks and cash to chocolate manufacture and expeditions throughout Dartmoor. the second one a part of the publication encompasses a remark giving tricks and suggestions.

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The length of a dowel above the base board should be sufficient for four cotton reels to stand securely on it. To play the game you will need up to 64 cotton reels, half of which should be painted red and half blue, or whatever two colours you prefer. Players take turns to add a reel of their colour to the frame, and the winner is the first person to obtain a line of four of their reels. The line may be horizontal, vertical, or any diagonal so there are many possibilities. A player's turn provides at most 16 possible moves, but deciding which to take to improve your own chance of a line while trying to make sure you stop your opponent needs a lot of skill.

Can you find them? 42 Inside and out Given five hoops with radii 50 cm, 40cm, 20cm, 20cm and 10 cm, show how to overlap them so that the shaded area inside the largest hoop (see the diagram) is equal to the total area of the shaded shapes inside the four smaller hoops. 43 Matchstick manoeuvres Move, not remove, four matches in the Os and Xs grid to form three identical squares. There are three quite different solutions, can you find them? 44 Micro millions The micro millionaire studied his balance sheet at the end of the year with great interest.

Starting with three slices of bread on a plate, find the minimum time to get three slices of toast on the plate. 69 Playing A business man called away in a hurry packed his bag in the dark so as not to disturb his wife. He had only two colours of socks in his drawer and, being a methodical person, he knew the drawer contained 10 grey socks and 14brown socks. How many socks did he take out to be sure of getting a pair to match? 70 Odds on winning At a local point-to-point meeting one of the races had only four horses running and the odds offered by the bookmakers are those shown here.

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