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By Ed Greenwood

From Waterdeep and the Sword Coast to the jungles of Chult and the far off lands of Thay, unusual and robust magics fill the Forgotten geographical regions. old tomes, robust spells, fearsome guns - these types of and extra look ahead to adventurers who can triumph over poor hazards to wield nice strength. Ed Greenwood, originator of the Forgotten geographical regions video game international, and well-known video game clothier Steve Perrin have spent many lengthy days with Elminster of Shadowdale, probably the best sage within the lengthy heritage of Abeir-Toril. the results of all this paintings is in you arms; The Magister is a compilation of recent spells and goods on your Forgotten nation-states crusade. many of the new magics defined within the Magister have been first released in several "Elminster" articles in Dragon journal. the easiest of those, in addition to many new remarkable spells and goods, seem during this quantity.

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Color spray — Reflected back at caster, who must save vs. spells or be struck unconscious for 1-2 rounds. • Entangle — Cloak wearer is unaffected by entangle, but the spell has normal effect on other creatures within area of effect; magic is not reflected back on the caster. Cloak of Stars Experience Point Value: 1,200 Gold Piece Sale Value: 7,500 The inside of this cloak contains four stars around the neck and front hems, six-pointed shapes of silver cloth. These are enspelled and radiate magic.

The wearer only (not companions) is so protected, and he is likewise solely protected from blindness due to blur, pyrotechnics, hypnotic pattern, darkness, blinding light of all sorts, and magical effects. The cloak itself does not seem to an observer to alter its own colors, but always seems to have a swirling and indistinct surface (aiding the success of a wearer hiding in shadows by + 10%); 35 more so when it is acting to shield its wearer’s gaze from color affects cast at the wearer. The cloak cannot, however, deliberately be used to camouflage the wearer by blending with its surroundings, nor does it have any powers to affect creatures other than the wearer, either by attack or conferring protection.

The wearer also gains the ability to land after a fall in such a way as to minimize physical damage: subtract 3 points from every die of damage incurred from falling, to a minimum of 1 point of damage per die. The girdle enables the wearer to move silently as per the thief ability, with a minimum 50% chance of success. If the wearer is a thief, assassin, monk, or other character or creature who already has the ability to move silently, then the chance of success is adjusted upward by +50%, to a maximum of 99%.

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