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By Barry Eisler

While freelance murderer John Rain learns that his former lover has been elevating their baby in long island, he senses an opportunity for reconciliation, even perhaps redemption. yet Midori is being watched by way of Rain's enemies, and Rain's unexpected visual appeal places mom and baby in mortal threat.

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After a moment, she said, 'I can. But from what you've said, right now, Midori and the boy aren't in any danger. ' She took her hand off my leg. 'Well, it's not as though I was expecting us to figure out our crazy situation in just a few days together. It was going to take time no matter what. ' I looked at her. ' She shook her head. ' Then she laughed. ' 'Should I not have told you? ' 'You didn't ruin anything. I'm glad you told me. ' 'We enjoy the time we have together. ' But I didn't want it to be like always.

But she was pretty sure Rain would have killed him. Before going to bed, they'd made love again in the bath. She was glad of that, and took it as a good sign. They had a new situation to deal with, true, as it seemed they always did, but it didn't affect their fundamental chemistry. She hoped it wasn't the situations that were fueling the chemistry. She'd had affairs like that, where it was the illicitness, or the danger, or some similar thrill that kept the thing going. She didn't want that with Rain.

I looked at her. I didn't know what to say. 'I don't think it's a bad idea,' she said, still smiling gently. ' 'Sure. ' I sat down on the bed next to her. My heart started kicking harder. ' She put her hand on my thigh and squeezed. ' I had to tell her. And if I didn't tell her now, later it would seem like deceit. ' The pressure from her hand lessened. ' I asked. My words were coming out fast, but I couldn't slow them down. 'The night you told me about Dov. ' 'Well, it looks like, the last time I was with her, which was before I met you, we didn't… we weren't that careful.

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