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By Wade Miller

Jake Farrow, safari-guide to important online game hunters, was once introduced all of the means from Africa to kill a killer. He got here to trace down a guy, pit his jungle-sense, his chilly crafty, his lethal gun opposed to a ruthless assassin. He needed to weave his approach not just via tangled wooden and trackless swamp yet via dens of vice in tremendous urban underworlds, and during the denser jungles of women's passions, to get at his prey.

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The noise came from a punching bag. Farrow looked around at the wall exercisers and parallel bars and rowing machine and rubbing table in the cellar gymnasium. He grinned broadly. For there was nothing strange about the man who battered the punching bag with practiced strokes. He was big, older than Farrow, and showing it far more than he had two years ago, although his crisp hair had been iron-gray then too. Still muscular, his body betrayed his sedentary life by a thickness of waist and thighs, and by an office pallor offset by the week-end tan on his arms and on his blunt face, drawing to a V shape below the creases of his throat.

The raw scar exposed some new electrical conduit. “In line of duty,” said Stennis with no humor. The new front window, the gouged tile wall . . Farrow began to understand. ” Stennis' voice, though low, boomed through the lofty room. ” He ushered Farrow back to a wide marble corridor that ended in a steel fence; through the bars could be seen the massive door of the main vault. On both sides of the corridor were executive offices, four of them, with glass doors and gleaming glass windows to the floor.

French chateau that was the state capitol loomed over the city. And beside it was a whole tower of state offices, windows going up and up. “Always reminds me of the high places in the Bible,” said Stennis. They cruised by the larch groves of Washington Park, and a fleeting memory of African nights reminded Farrow that he was a stranger in a strange land. The commercial streets of Albany were nearly deserted now. Only the street lamps and the occasional glow of a bar or restaurant front hadn't succumbed to the approaching midnight.

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