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The legend of its creation can be found in the KaraTur Campaign Set. For centuries, the Dragonwall has served to block the invasions of the horse barbarians from the steppe. Powerful empires of nomads are not new; several times in history the riders have charged out of their homelands to conquer lands to the east and west. In the centuries that followed each eruption, the tribes collapsed and the threat was forgotten. Only in Shou Lung has there been any attempt to create a long-term defense against the barbarians.

So first, anyone hoping to break the wall must become suspicious that there is a secret. Next they must learn what Prior to the Horde invasion, the Caliph of Semphar became concerned about the growing reports of a powerful leader uniting the steppe tribes. While he doesn’t fear for the safety of his empire, he is concerned about the effect on trade. The Caliph is looking for a band of adventurers to journey into the Endless Waste, search out this leader, learn his intentions, and then report back to the Caliph.

Now only Theodo remained. Refusing to surrender, Theodo met charge after charge, desperately holding the attackers at bay. The bodies piled high and tumbled over the sides. The stones were slippery with blood and Clearflow ran red that day. Finally, wounded in a hundred places, Theodo knew he could stand no longer. With a mighty blow he shattered Greataxeson, his magical blade, and cast the fragments into the river. The bridge cracked where the blade bit stone. As the attackers came forward, Theodo charged forth one last time to lay into them with a broken axe haft.

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