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By David S. J. Hodgson, Steve Stratton

Huge map Poster inside Labeled with vital destinations, significant roads, and carry capitalsA Champion for Skyrim a number of personality builds in line with 1000s of hours of playtesting demonstrate precisely what abilities, Perks, gear, and different goods to choose, and the way to develop in the course of the online game, regardless of the kind of personality you must be.   All Collectibles collected If you’re looking Skyrim for ability Books, special goods and guns, each Shout, Dragon Priest mask, Treasure Maps, strange gem stones, or perhaps Captured Critters, we convey you the place each infrequent merchandise is.   The Atlas of Skyrim A complete travel of each unmarried position, from the mammoth carry towns to the smallest wooded area den. each significant exploration element gets a walkthrough flagging vital goods, with certain maps all through.   Prowess in strive against each weapon, piece of kit, and spell is unique so that you comprehend which blade, bow, or incantation to overwhelm your enemies with. all kinds of wrestle is tactically analyzed, so that you can greater any foe in conflict.   running shoes and investors Skyrim is stuffed with retailers to negotiate with, and running shoes to additional bring up your ability, Crafting, and Bartering proficiencies. each alchemist, blacksmith, innkeeper, coach, Khajiit caravan, and different seller printed.   fans and pals construct your friendships throughout Skyrim and find each Follower with info within this consultant. turn into a Thane. personal estate. Marry your favourite Housecarl. information within.   giant and entire Index

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Alchemic Experimentation: An Overview With an Alchemy Lab, combinations of ingredients become great elixirs or potent poisons. Alchemy is the craft of combining ingredients to create beneficial potions or debilitating poisons. The key to mastering this art is experimentation: When you Smith or Enchant an item, you already know what the end result of what the crafting process is going to be; the recipes or combinations of materials are clearly laid out in advance. Not so with Alchemy; you often have no idea what you're making, and discovering a powerful new potion or effect is a thrill unto itself.

YCA_N_ D I S_EA_ S E_ T H_ PY RO_ S_ _ · t_ THE BESTIARY The process of transforming into a Vampire or Werewolf will also cure any diseases you might hove . . though Powers As a werewolf, you gain an impressive array of combat-related bonuses: _ __ ___ THE INVENTORY .... pl Curing lycanthropy At the end of the Companions Questline, o Radiant Quest: Purity becomes available (see page 1 68) for those adventurers who wish to rid themselves of the beast within. As o port of that quest, you must cut off the head of o Glenmoril Witch, bringing it into the depths of the Tomb of Ysgromor, draw the spirit of the wolf from your body, and defeat it.

Shrines to the Divines can be found throughout the land, in cities, settlements, and in the wilderness. Their locations are detailed throughout the Atlas. Sc:c;:s 'I S I< Y R 1 M. + l 0% Blocking Effectiveness � NOTE ,... There are other Shrines (such as the Shrine of Azura and the Shrine of Boethioh), but these aren't related to the Nine Divines; only to Daedric Quests. pl NOTE � Curing Disease: Other Means The Vigilants of Stendorr ore a relatively new religious order. Zealous followers of the god of justice and mercy, they seek to wipe out abominations like Vampires and Werewolves, and to purge the land of Daedra Worship.

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