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When activated by an unauthorized attempt to enter the crypts, the two columns condense and flesh out into 5½ foot tall women warriors armed with steel swords. They will fight if necessary, but their intended purpose is to drive intruders into the sucking mud that forms around the entrance (area #Tlc) when the transmute rock to mud trap activates. If the party solves the riddle of the Eternal Arch, enters through door #Tlb or dies, the women retreat to become columns again. 35 T1b. The Crypt Door This ornately carved, heavy stone door is an alternate entrance to the crypts.

It will awaken if there is a noise or if anyone enters the room and will usually look at the closest opponent. Note that it can see invisible, astral, and ethereal beings, but that its gaze must be met for the petrification to have any effect. If it is not watched, that danger is avoided, but it gains an attack bonus of +2 and is harder to hit (-4 penalty on foes "to hit" rolls). The longsword is the Neutral Good blade known as Paramel, useable by any Good character. It is of elven manufacture, created millennia ago.

Bludgeous will be quickly grabbing his remaining potions or dust (if any) as the monster bears down on him. Read the following to the players: An incredibly huge, two-legged reptile is chasing a terrified man toward the west end of the cavern. One bite would obviously swallow the poor fellow whole. If a character who has seen Bludgeous before specifically asks if it is him, the DM should admit that, yes, there is a resemblance. Let the party decide on whether they should rescue the half-orc. If the characters do not immediately intervene, on the next round, roll a Dexterity Ability Check for Bludgeous (Dexterity of 17); if he makes it, he becomes gaseous (his first choice) or invisible.

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