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By Vincent A. Auger

During this major new publication, Vincent Auger makes use of the case of the neutron bomb to check the improvement of a dynamic thought of international coverage research in the course of the Carter management. The neutron bomb episode, Auger argues, offers a different chance for an research of the evolution of inner govt department choice making. as the writer makes use of interviews and declassified records from the Carter Presidential Library which have been formerly unavailable, this ebook fills a major hole within the scholarship at the Carter Administration's international coverage. for instance of ways political technology idea may be confirmed in a case learn, this booklet may be precious for college kids and students of international coverage research, diplomacy, and U.S. coverage historical past.

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S. force posture in Europe. S. theater nuclear weapons in Europe increased from twenty-five hundred to seventy-two hundred. S. " 27 These assumptions about the role and the limits of nuclear weaponry had several policy implications. In order to prevent the failure of the nuclear "firebreak" and the high subsequent risk of escalation, tight civilian control over all nuclear weapons decisions would be enhanced. This would be maintained "in war as well as peace . . "28 Positive control over the nuclear arsenal would be increased by the installation of "permissive action links" (PALs), electronic devices that rendered the weapons unusable without the proper authority.

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