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By Mark S. G. Dyczkowski

This essay is approximately the goddess Kubjika. The cult of this vague goddess
will be in comparison with that of the far better identified goddess Kali, and references
will sometimes be made to the goddess Tripura. The latter, like Kubjika, figures
prominently correct from the beginning of her background within the Sakta Kaula Tantras

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That the text may well have been written by a Newar initiate who was acquainted with the worship of both Kubjika and SiddhilaksmT transpires from the central place given to SiddhilaksmT as the most important of the Mahavidyas and her identification with Kubjika in her form as SiddhikubjT. By the time the Ten Mahavidyas became popular in India, the worship of SiddhilaksmT and other related goddesses outside the Kathmandu Valley had probably ceased. Moreover, the worship of SiddhilaksmT as one of the Ten Mahavidyas in the primary textual sources is very rare, if not unique to this text.

Kubjika, like all the other great goddesses of the Kaula and Bhairava Tantras, is essentially the energy of universal, absolute consciousness (cicchakti) by means of which it does and is all things. 78 Even so, she is predominantly concerned with emanation (srstipradhana). Her cult can thus be contrasted with that of Kali, which is predominantly concerned with withdrawal (samharapradhana). Even so, the spheres of manifestation are the domains of both deities. The rituals of both goddesses represent both processes.

Thus we can safely say that the cult of the goddess Kubjika had not only reached the Valley by the beginning of the eleventh century but was already developing throughout it. Incidently, it is worth noting that it appears from the form of Vivekaratna’s name that he was a renouncer. Thus, although, as we have seen, Rajopadhyaya Brahmins became the centre and mainstay of the esoteric network o f Newar Tantric &aktism, this does not necessarily mean that they were the original propagators of it in the Kathmandu Valley.

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