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By Nicola Di Cosmo, Allen J. Frank, Peter B. Golden

This quantity centres at the heritage and legacy of the Mongol international Empire based through Chinggis Khan and his sons, together with its impression upon the fashionable international. a global group of students examines the political and cultural historical past of the Mongol empire, its Chinggisid successor states, and the non-Chinggisid dynasties that got here to dominate internal Asia in its wake. Geographically, it specializes in the continental quarter from East Asia to jap Europe. starting within the 12th century, the amount strikes via to the institution of chinese language and Russian political hegemony in internal Asia from the 16th to the 19th centuries. members use fresh learn and new techniques that experience revitalized internal Asian experiences to focus on the world-historical value of the regimes and states shaped in the course of and after the Mongol conquest. Their conclusions testify to the significance of a sector whose glossy destiny has been overshadowed by way of Russia and China.

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Even more extraordinary was the survival of the Qara Khitai state, in no small measure a consequence of the political fragmentation of the region and of the Khitans' robust martial skills and organizational abilities. ~o By II43. the Gurkhan's state stretched from the Altai to Transoxania, including much of South Kaz-;'1khstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and parts of Xinjiang. ~l lnfluenced by Chinese culture, they, nevertheless, adhered to the Steppe Imperial Tradition, which had an appeal to the local Turkic nomads.

I. pp. 83-5; Tremblay. off. I, p. 83. 49 Semenov, 1~/8. pp. 32 -4. 38-9: Dalai. l, pp. 150-6: Allsen, 1983. pp. 266-7; and de Rachewiltz. 1983. 290,295; Kadyrbaev. 1. ,p. 'i5. 66 if.. 88-9,120-1. 50 1;ludud al-'Alam. :62. pp, 79-81, 1;ludud (11- ',4Ial11 , 1970, PP ()b-7· I7 PETER B. GOLDEN Their subsequent history is obscure. At one point. "' After some resistance. : latter's dominion here is unclear. Naiman warfare with the KCI-eyir touched the Qirghlz borders. i~ The Qi'rghiz exercised some aurhority over what the Mongols called 'Forest Peoples', some of whom were Turkic.

VIJdimimo\. [93,1 in Vladiminsov, 2002. pp. 321:\-30. 4: Ratchnevsky. 1901 . pp. [\-y (or pa (Oral nomadism (rom 'furkic. Kychanov. 199;. I77-8. llS0 Toriilkin from wmlkl ·native'. Togan, 1998. pp. 125-6. 133· 69 AI11H11('~,-lii. see Lubsan. 1973· p. 53, 70 Ratchnevsky, 1992. pp" 15--19. h-name was Temujin. He was given the tide "chinggis Khan' in 1206 after his unificarion of the tribes of Mongolia. 71 Mong. AlalL Ghull-{1 CGIJIJ'1l 'beautiful' nor [0 be confused with 'l0"lli 'ldllow' '. Secret History/de Rachewiltz.

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