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By Miyamoto Naoki, James Davies

During this specific therapy of low-handicap pass a 9-dan expert units out to alter your entire method of the sport. step-by-step he exhibits you ways to take the initiative, how one can assault, tips on how to deal with the corners, and the way to maintain the sport easy, the entire whereas relentlessly hammering away on the unfavorable mentality that retains gamers from advancing. soak up what he needed to say, and the rivals you as soon as feared may well quickly need to worry you.

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If Black makes the diagonal connection White's pincer attack is a good move, but if Black makes the solid connection, White's pincer is not much of a move at all. On to Dia. 20. Suppose that when White makes his pincer attack Black simply ignores him. White will peep at 5 and set up shape with 7. With White 9 it already looks as if Black has lots of troubles ahead of him. While he is at his wit's end taking care of his floating group, White will be threatening him and gaining influence all over the board, making the game closer and closer.

If, when White cuts with 1 in Dia. 36, you try to save the four stones marked ● and give atari at 2, then push out with 4 and 6, you lose the game. If, however, you do the opposite and give atari with 1 in Dia. 37, sacrificing the four stones marked ●, you have won the game with one mighty effort. Ignore the presence of forcing stones, and you will stay out of trouble. If White answers Black's high kakari with a pincer move like the one in Dia. 38, Black may be puzzled. Many people hit under the white stone with Black 2, draw back to 4, then triumphantly extend to 6, but that makes things easy for White, who can extend himself to 7.

It would have been wiser for him to have made a two-point extension to c and linked up. Even then, however, he might not have gotten a good result after being cut by White b. - 42 - White haned at 21 and forced Black on through 25, then took advantage of his mistake at ● by invading at 27. Black, confident of his strength, fought back by pushing out at 28, but the move that most amateurs seem to make in this kind of situation is the contact play at Black 1 in Dia. 6 below. The sequence from White's hane at 2 up to White 10 follows automatically.

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