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By Winthrop Sargeant (Translation and Commentary), Huston Smith (Foreword), Christopher Key Chapple (Editor's Preface)

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Amba, as might be expected, was rather upset. When she returned to Hastinapura, things got even worse: Vicitravirya refused to marry anyone whose heart was pledged to another. ma's vow of chastity. ma, who had been the author of all her misfortunes. She approached Salva again, but he refused her a second time. ma. But none of them would volunteer. They not only respected the old warrior, they were afraid of him. ma. Amba then approached King Drupada of the Pancalas, offering him the garland. ma.

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L9u on an expedition to defeat and capture Drupada. They defeated the Pancalas and took Drupada prisoner. la then forgave Drupada, but retained, as a pledge of future friendship, half the Pancala kingdom, thus gaining by force what he had been promised and then denied. la. He performed a great sacrifice to this end, in which, it is said, ten million cattle were killed. When the moment arrived, Drupada's wife was unprepared to receive his seed. But a son and a daughter sprang forth miraculously from the sacrificial fire.

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