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The six other contestants in this cornpetition class are somewhat more experienced and tend to hang together, chatting and rough-housing during the warm-up period. (DM Note: Encourage players to describe their characters to one another as they do their warm-ups. Players may decide to introduce themselves to one another in character as they practice, or they may be prompted. ) The six Temporals used as PC opponents in the following contests are described in the chart below. All have the following characteristics: ST: Temporal 1; PP 600; A-M 50%; AC 0; H D 21; HP 110; MV universal; AT any; Base THACO 4; D as attack mode.

At the moment this nation of dwarves is in the middle of one of their frequent wars with the other nations of the globe. The streets are filled with dwarves going about their business and sharing rumors and war news. The PCs arrive in a storeroom adjoining a large machine shop and laboratory. In the storeroom are numerous mechanical parts for dwarf-like and other assorted automata. The machine shop and laboratory is staffed by bustling automata of all sizes and shapes -massive dwarf-form workbots, boxy technotrons bristling with fine manipulating appendages, tiny mouse-sized arachnobots with eight leg-arm appendages swarming over other automata under construction..

4. Enlist that avatar’s aid in locating the other five avatars and the six parts ofthe Cubcof Six Planes in order to gain access to Lodestar, Mazikeen’s home plane. The Cards, Planes Map, and Planes Quick Reference Chart Cut out the end panel ofthe outer cover and the three panels of the inner cover. These 2 4 cards represent the 24 Planes of Mazikeen. Cut out and set aside the three other planes cards (Corridor, Lodestar, and Nous). Review the map on the inside cover. The Planes Map shows the arrangement of the 2 4 Planes of Mazikeen.

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