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Now my mind was churning out reasons as to why it would only have started for her then. I had a child, and yet nothing of the like had happened to me. I wondered if it had a correlation of some sort, so I continued with my questions. I asked her if she thought she could be peeing due to some “freaky” incontinence that occurred during her pregnancy. She assured me that it was not urine. She explained that it was a sweet smelling watery cum, unlike the kind that oozes out of the vagina when we chicks get excited, which is thicker and milkier.

3) Thinking that she won’t be able to do it. 4) Feeling overly pressured to do it, and suffering from performance anxiety. ” 6) Feeling selfish for receiving pleasure from a partner (Many women like to be the “pleasing type” and forget about their own sexual desires and needs). 7) Worrying that someone will find out that she did something that is not commonly spoken about and see it as a taboo activity. 8) Feeling that her own ejaculate fluid is repulsive. 9) Afraid that she will be “inadequate” if she tries and is unable to do it.

Regardless of your preferences here, a woman should never be made to feel that this normal, physical, sexual response is wrong, repulsive, or something that she should be ashamed of. It is a natural way for a woman to experience sexual pleasure. It should be celebrated just as much a man’s ejaculation process. Female Ejaculation Overview With Step-By-Step Suggestions~ There are many ways to experience female ejaculation. Some women are capable of doing it many times during one sexual session. Some women report ejaculating fifteen times in an evening.

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