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By Terence Hawkes

Considering its release in 1987, Textual perform has verified itself as Britain's prime magazine of radical literary conception.

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For while he argues in his opening pages that he wishes to reintegrate slavery into the fuller context of antebellum America, Arac’s primary definition of slavery as ‘masters’ barbarism and slaves’ anonymous toil’ rewrites race as social class and economics, and in so doing restricts his conceptualization of slavery to the realm of political economy in which the ideologies of possessive individualism gain their most profound validations. This rewriting proves consequential at precisely the instant when the black man makes an appearance in Arac’s text: ‘Hester is described as not true to the letter when she analyzes it contractually, as the mark of her meeting with the black man in the woods’ (p.

17). Walter Herbert, Jr has recently taken this approach in ‘Nathaniel Hawthorne, Una Hawthorne, and The Scarlet Letter: Interactive selfhoods and the cultural construction of gender’, PMLA, 103 (1988), pp. 285–97. See her introduction to the Penguin edition of the novel, p. 19. The image of the black fruit first appears just before Hester emerges into the market-place from within ‘the black flower of civilized society, a prison’ (p. 76; ch. 1). Pearl brings the reader back to this passage when later she tells Mr Wilson ‘that she had not been made at all, but had been plucked by her mother off the bush of wild roses, that grew by the prison–door’ (p.

He has violated, in cold blood, the sanctity of a human heart’ (p. 212; ch. 17). The novel foreshadows this equivalence with descriptions of the two men that are virtually interchangeable—a fact about which Pearl is once more the most scrupulous reader. Looking up at the window through which Chillingworth looks down, she exclaims: ‘Come away, mother! ’ (p. 155; ch. 10). Pearl speaks as if she knows the rumours spreading that the doctor’s ‘visage was getting sooty with the smoke’ (p. 149; ch. 9) from the fires in his laboratory where he develops his ‘black devices’ (p.

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