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Instructing your self C++ software program and the way to take advantage of it.

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Strupr() sprintf() NOTE 33 The string operations discussed here are how strings are handled in C. Most C++ compilers provide a cstring class that simplifies the difficulties inherent in the C way of handling strings. (C++Builder’s Visual Component Library contains a class called Strings that handles string operations. ) Although the C way of handling strings is a little quirky, it is by no means obsolete. C++ programmers use C-style string operations on a daily basis as well as string classes such as cstring.

Following that you were introduced to console mode applications where you created Hello World, Part II. After the initial playing around, you were put to work learning the basics of C as a foundation to learning C++. 97 CH01 LP#4 1 Day 1 36 ■ ■ ■ ■ Functions The main() function Arrays How strings are handled in C and C++ There is a lot of material to absorb in this chapter. Don’t feel bad if it didn’t all sink in. Go back and review if you are unclear about anything presented in this chapter. Workshop The Workshop contains quiz questions to help you solidify your understanding of the material covered and exercises to provide you with experience in using what you have learned.

The distinction between the two is important, though. 2, the while loop checks the conditional expression at the top of the loop. done) SYNTAX Whether you use a while or a do-while loop depends on what the loop itself does. The do-while loop statement: do { statements; } while (cond_expr) ▼ The do loop repeatedly executes the block of code indicated by statements as long as the ▲ conditional expression, cond_expr, is true (nonzero). The state of the loop must be initialized prior to the do statement, and modification of the state must be explicit in the block of code.

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