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By Evangeline Anderson

Reporter Sadie Thomas is posing as a cybernetic prostitute on a Saturn mining colony to get the lowdown at the intergalactic intercourse - and he or she has no concept that her hide is set to be blown via a duo of vice detectives from outdated Earth: good-looking Holt and his associate, streetwise stud Blakely. quickly she's uncovering a good warmer tale with them - and having her inhibitions slowly, seductively stripped away via a hot mind-link with either males that makes her hungry for all they have to offer. As their research takes them to the wildest corners of the galaxy, Sadie cannot face up to pushing their passions into overdrive and earlier the chance aspect - to a realm of striking, unlimited pleasure...

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Blakely grinned to himself as he looked around the plush interior of the whore house, taking in the choices available to the well-heeled miners eager to spend their credit for a night of companionship. The room was decorated in shades of crimson and black and there was a wide selection of humans and prosties both male and female lolling on the many plush couches in the waiting area. Luscious, ripe flesh was on display everywhere. Firm, naked breasts topped with pouting nipples, silky thighs, and hot, wet pussies surrounded him.

Knew you had to be some kinda cop. ” “You’re not my type,” Holt said dryly. The darkness was only inches behind him now, the glowing crimson eyes longing to devour. Sadie tried to move but her entire body was frozen. She realized in horror that she was going to watch Holt die without being able to do anything about it. ” The prostie laughed, an evil tinkling sound like fairy music played off-key. ” She leaned forward suddenly, moving much more quickly than anyone who’d drunk nearly a fifth of Flare juice should have been able.

Instead, the brightness on one half of the room only served to make the darkness of the other half more impenetrable. What could keep the light that filled one side of the room from spreading to the other side as well? As if to answer her question, she heard a muffled thump that drew her eyes to the pitch-black half of the room. It was like a pit filled with midnight and it hurt her eyes to look at it. She looked anyway, at first seeing nothing. Then, as her eyes adjusted to the strange duality of the room, Sadie felt her skin trying to crawl right off her body.

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