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You may be able to make additional directory space available by deleting log data from the log stream. 7, “Deleting log data” on page 64. You may be able to set up a retention period and automatic deletion policy to help ensure your log streams will not run out of space; however, be sure to verify that the use of these keywords will not have a negative impact on your System Logger applications. For more information about retention period and autodelete, see “Defining CF-Structure based log streams” on page 33.

To switch to the new LOGR CDS while keeping your policy definitions intact: Make the new primary CDS the current alternate by issuing the following command: SETXCF COUPLE,TYPE=LOGR,ACOUPLE=new_primary_cds Next, promote that data set to be the primary LOGR CDS: SETXCF COUPLE,PSWITCH,TYPE=LOGR Finally, move in the new alternate: SETXCF COUPLE,TYPE=LOGR,ACOUPLE=(new_alternate_cds,volume) 14 System Programmer’s Guide to: z/OS System Logger These steps can be carried out at any time; it is not necessary to quiesce System Logger activity.

Any data in the log streams (including the offload data sets) will be inaccessible. This means that you must define all the log streams again in the new CDSs. It also means that you must manually delete all the offload and staging data sets associated with the log streams that were defined in the old CDSs—if you do not do this, System Logger will not have any knowledge of those data sets and will get duplicate data set errors when it tries to allocate the equivalent data sets for the log streams in the new CDS.

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