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Exploring how different control mechanisms fit this equation is important for the security professional as it can aid him in moving this effort to a more strategic view of risk. Business managers do not need to understand the details of the inner 38 Chapter 4: Information Security and Risk Management Chapter 4: Information Security and Risk Management 39 workings of intrusion-detection systems (IDSs) or firewalls. They do need to understand how these systems address the risks in their business activities.

The reserve provides a cushion to protect the depositors and investors in the bank in case of bad loans. All businesses have some similar mechanism for dealing with the risks they face. These mechanisms have the same goal of matching the actual risk against the cost of the protection mechanism that is aimed at reducing the overall exposure from some threat and vulnerability. The standard approach is through insurance, which is Chapter 4: Information Security and Risk Management 35 36 Chapter 4: Information Security and Risk Management a way of assigning that risk to a third party.

In a small business, a single individual may handle all these duties. In a larger, decentralized business, these duties may be shared with local administrators and functional information owners. It is, of course, highly desirable for information owners, who are responsible for maintaining security through appropriate controls, and the data security administrator to work together. The information security administrator might, for example, allow access in a case in which a more prudent level of security, as determined by the owner, would be appropriate.

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