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It is common in writing code to use the same code many times. If we assign this code to a function, we only need to call that function again rather than retype the code. To define the meaning of a function for the computer we use the def statement. The def statement is made up of: the keyword, def our function name followed by parenthesis a colon and finally the def-block. def thename (): here we put the details of our definition block we can put other functions or code here Let’s try it. Below is the code for a new game based on our Alien Chicken game.

Tuples Let’s talk tuples! A tuple is like a list but can’t be edited or changed in its original form. We generally use parenthesis, ( ), rather than brackets, [ ], to tell Python we are defining a tuple. This is a tuple: Family3=(‘a guy’, ‘dog’, ‘cat’) This is a list: Family3=[‘a guy’, ‘dog’, ‘cat’] Tuples are not easily changed so why would we use them? A program can run a tuple with more efficiency than a list. Unless the program is very small, tuples are faster. So, if you don’t need to change your list, it’s generally better to use a tuple.

29 What happens if I want to add something to my list? Adding something to a list is referred to as appending the list. Let’s say that our Cat and Psycho Mouse got married and had a baby. ” Now we have a new member of our family and we must append the list. append(“Catouse”) Run it: How do I remove an item? I’m glad you asked. Let’s say that Psycho Mouse gets angry and eats the Cat. To remove “Cat” from the Family list we use del for delete and give the index position: del Family[5] 30 Run it to remove the cat: Just to complicate our lives, my sister marries a guy and now another family has become part of our family.

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