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After it is all melted, keep stirring a little longer until it puffs up and begins to boil. Put it in a little Pyrex measuring pitcher, cover with foil and put it in the refrigerator, where it will keep fine for a month or more if you don't foul it by drinking out of it or dipping into it with a spoon. You can flavor it with honey, molasses, vanilla, or whatever you like. Pour yourself a few spoonsful each day, so one person would use up the pound in three to four weeks. You can take it straight from a spoon, or mix it into a beverage or food.

However, they have apparently not realized previous to publication of my discovery on September 21, 1967, that these materials cause arteriosclerosis, previously considering the materials as simply "unavailable" for nutrition. The staling and deterioration of stored food has been the chief concern of food scientists for many years, and they have developed dozens of chemicals and processes which are applied to stored foods to preserve them. It is possible that they will be able to make future improvements in processed foods to make them cause less arteriosclerosis, now that the cause of this disease has been disclosed.

They are allright as long as you don't let the food overheat or brown. However, vapor cooking is so fast, easy, and cheap it is hard to justify the cost, upkeep, and cleaning of an electronic oven. Be sure to try vapor cooking. You can stop watching, stirring, and washing cookpots. You will love the food, cleanse your arteries, save work, and save plenty on your grocery, gas, and electric bills. (See page 28). NOTE: Chops and fish cook fast, don't over-cook. 34. THE FRESH FOOD DIET FOR AVOIDING AND CURING ARTERIOSCLEROSIS The guiding principle of this diet is to eat fresh foods which have not been long removed from their original living source, and to avoid eating long dead processed and preserved foods, in which the fatty materials have become deteriorated and hardened so that they become imbedded in our flesh and arteries as durable deposits.

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