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The squeeze in bridge is mostly regarded as some of the most complex abilities within the online game, the key weapon of the specialists. however it isn't tough, say the authors, for someone to grasp.

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East cashes a thirteenth spade. How do you discard from your own hand and from dummy? ,A problem will arise only if West has J x x x of diamonds. If East has the four diamonds there will be a marked finesse, so you must be reluctant to throw 0 10. A club looks safe, but there is a drawback in this because you must expect the Ace of hearts t o be forced out on the next lead. Then if clubs are 4-1 the suit will be blocked. The card you can spare best is a heart. Presumably' West has K J, so your V Q is not a valuable card in any event.

If you duck a club East may win and return a club, knocking out the Ace. If you give up a spade, discarding a club instead of ruffing, West will play a third spade, extinguishing the onecard menace. A throw-in, then? lead J at trick eleven, forcing a return from the King of clubs. No, that does not work either, because after you have played off your winners in the red suits (necessary t o arrive at the three-card ending) you will have no entry t o dummy. In the end you may decide t o play West for a doubleton King of clubs.

However, you ate in a grand slam, so this is not the moment t o play without looking round every corner. West would harhly have led from Q 10 9 against a grand slam in notrumps, so you must consider whether there could be any advantage in going up with 4 K, t o improve your entry position. A problem will arise only if East has four diamonds; if West has 0 J 10-x x you can pick them up-by the standard safety play of beginning with a low diamond t o the Ace. If East has the four diamonds, you will have at best twelve tricks on top, assuming as you must that both Queen finesses are right.

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